George Naugle

George has started, positioned and sold 2 companies for 6-figures that are still profiting and operating to date.

Having 35 years of business experience in Corporate Sales, IT Industry, Computer Repair Industry, Retail Sales and and selling products online. He has his Business Coaching Level 2 certificate and Business Hypnosis certificate, plus he is also a New Code NLP Practitioner.

George Naugle specializes in Focus, Productivity and the Creation of systems that guide team members to follow the companies Mission, Vision and Values, creating consistency in every part of the business, which results in higher employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, allowing the business owner to focus on what is important, running business. He has dedicated himself to helping business owners create meaning in their lives, which result in more free time for the business owner, motivated team members, customer satisfaction and more money on the businesses bottom line.

His natural ability to build trust with people, helps him to get to know his clients. He is not afraid to ask the hard questions, the ones that really matter in order to unearth what is truly going on in his clients mind and business.

George knows that starting a business as a self employed person is exciting and can be very challenging because he has been in that drivers seat many times himself.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, or a business owner, rest assured, George understands, because he has been there many times before.

George’s motto is: We work to live, not live to work and he proves it by spending winters in the tropics and Canada/US in the summertime.

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